Parking Management System

We strive to offer technologically advanced parking products which helps clients in securely managing access to their parking venues. Such as shopping malls, multi-level car parks, residential/ commercial buildings, hotels, convention centers etc.

Solutions Offered

  • Parking Management System – PMS
    – Ticket Based,
    – Token Based
    – Ticketless PMS
    – Wireless parking management Systems (*for customized applications)
  • Parking Guidance System – PGS
    – Ultra sound based PGS
    – Camera based way finding PGS
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems (ANPR / LPR)
  • Vehicle Access Control Solutions
    – Short range RFID
    – Long range RFID
    – ANPR /LPR /LPN based access control
  • Car Space Protectors
  • Parking System Accessories such as loop detectors, photocells, remote controls, blinkers.
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